Tuesday, 23 May 2017

What all will your child learn in preschool

If you are a parent who is soon going to admit their child to a preschool then you must be aware of the things he/she will learn there. A preschool is a stepping stone as far as the education and learning of any child is concerned and is important for the growth and development.  During the age when a child goes to preschool, he/she is still in the phase of emotional, physical and social development and the more the grooming at this time, the better will it be. Kids learn through exploring at this time and what better place for it than a school. The following are some of the things your child will learn in preschool.

1.    Sounds and letters

Letters and sounds are the first things children learn at their preschools.  Kids learn alphabets, their names, words and also start recognizing certain sentences. At preschool they also start recognizing sounds of common words and names etc. This is important since not all of this learning is possible at home since kids meet other kids and the focus on learning is more than at home.

2.    Shapes, objects and colors

If your child doesn’t already recognize and know colors and shapes, then preschool will prove to be of tremendous help.  They are made to learn these things with the help of their teachers and caretakers. Moreover when they spend time with others of their age, their learning gets groomed even more. You will be surprised at how many more colors your kid has started recognizing and speaking.

3.    Numbers and counting

Not all preschool children know numbers and counting before being admitted. However once they start going to school, they will be taught counting and recognizing numbers. This will be of great help as numbers form the basis of almost everything and is highly important. When the child comes back home from school, make sure you revise the concepts and ask fun questions like how many crayons are in the box etc.

4.    Drawing and coloring

Children also tend to learn drawing and coloring when they start going to their preschool. They are introduced with crayons rather than pencils as pencils can hurt. They tend to draw simple lines and shapes using crayons and may also learn coloring in certain cases.

5.    Sharing and becoming social

Children also learn socializing and get used to staying away from their parents all the time. They learn to share their things and this is a good quality that they inculcate.

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